submiser is a electronic products wholesale company.In the era of these digital electronics, electronic products have become a routine in our daily life, you will see people carry electronic equipment. So, in the face of increasing demand for electronic equipment, the demand for electronic components increased in sufficient quantity, so was born.We have this price and quality of electronic components welcome to a large number of procurement, we are committed to providing The best in providing the best electronic components trade, for the social digital electronic products to do the basic backing. We offer a range of innovative products at competitive prices.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive quality, product and service for each customer

With a variety of industrial design derived from the technology products, quickly put into production can not do without a lot of electronic components, and our cutting-edge design tools will allow you to easily design and help your creativity will be simple things into amazing thing! We also continue to focus on product and technology development, the product and the distinction between competitors, while adding value to customers, while continuing to maintain market leadership.

Mission Statement
To provide high quality products at low price
To provide fast, efficient order turnaround
To provide the highest level of customer service,integrity and product value to satisfy every transaction