3 Blade Heat Self-Powered Wood Stove Fan Burner Fireplace Ecofan Ultra Quiet

3 Blade Heat Self-Powered Wood Stove Fan Burner Fireplace Ecofan Ultra Quiet

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1.Save Energy and Money
This stove fan runs without or electricity. Instead, it is powered by transforming heat into energy. There is a bimetallic strip at the bottom of the base which converts a fraction of the heat passing through it into motion. When the temperature reaches 80 centigrade, the fan starts to work.
2.Self-starting and Self-regulating
Start automatically when reached its minimum temperature of 80 centigrade (needs half or one minute to preheat). Higher the temperature, faster it starts to spin. When the temperature exceeds 350 centigrade, please take your fan away from stove. The stove fan adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. The higher temperature, the blades spin faster, and the more hot air pumps into the room. When the blades slow down, it means you should stoke the stove. the room temperature can be increased by 41%, fuel costs up to 16%, no or required, more environmentally friendly.
3.Whisper Quiet and No Assembly
The blade design and no motor means the stove fan is nearly silent, able to use in a quiet room and unnoticeable against background noise such as TV. It is ready to use out of the box with no assembly. Read the user manual carefully before use.
4.Overheating Protection
When the temperature reaches 350℃, the metal shrapnel at the bottom will lift the fan to protect the fan motor from damage.
Color: black
main unit and blades: aluminum alloy; 
Air Flow:280-360CFM
Overall Dimensions:17×11.5x25cm
Net Weight: 0.9kg
Power: Thermoelectric module
Operating temperature range: 40 degrees ℃ to 350 degrees ℃
Package contents:
1 × Heater Stove Fan

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